Date of Issue Details of Circular
25-11-2016 Usage of Official Mail-ID in all Official e-Mail communications.
11-10-2016 DEO - Issue of Tentative Seniority List - Objection - Called for.
06-10-2016 e-Pramaan integration with all online applications and services.
06-10-2016 Providing e-Gov services and e-Gov applications in local languages.
06-10-2016 Submitting papers and case studies for ICEGOV-2017.
06-10-2016 Transport - User Charges for online services rendering through CSCs.
09-09-2016 Inviting application for induction in Virtual IT Cadre.
02-09-2016 Identification and Notification of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).
31-08-2016 Conducting of Digital Signature Awareness Programme.
31-08-2016 Implementation of e-Office in Government of Puducherry.
22-08-2016 Constitution of Virtual IT e-Governance for U.T. of Puducherry - Order.

Gazette Notification.
11-08-2016 Revamp of Department Websites.
28-07-2016 Training on PY-SDC Operation - Willingness from I.T. Cadre officials - Called for.
27-07-2016 Rapid Assessment System integration with all online services.
20-07-2016 Promoting Digital Locker usage by Government Departments and sensitive Employees.
14-07-2016 Updating status of Mobile Network availability at all villages.
11-07-2016 Rise of Ransomware attacks - Remedial measures.
11-07-2016 e-Sign Integration with all online applications and services.
04-07-2016 Use of Social Media to disseminate Information to citizens - Reg.
04-07-2016 Part-Time Certificate course on "Office Automation" for the year 2016-17 - Sponsoring of Officials.
09-06-2015 Heads of the Departments shall act as Nodal Officer for all IT related activities and Web Information Manager of their Department.
05-01-2015 Three days Training on Network Concepts and SWAN Connectivity - Applications called for.
11-09-2014 Constitution of e-TAAL Committee - Orders - Issued.
11-09-2014 Auditing of Application Software to be hosted in SDC - External Auditor identified.
09-07-2014 Preparation of Extensive database of all functionaries - Particulars - Called for.
Format in Excel file.
05-02-2014 Circular - Conduct of three months part-time certificate course on "Office Automation" - Sponsoring of Officials.
23-01-2014 Circular - Conduct of one day Workshop on "Boss Linux Operating System.
05-09-2013 Deputation of IT Officials to Election Commission of India.
18-07-2013 Purchase of IT equipments - Standing Orders
10-06-2013 Four-Day Training Course on "Certified Software Test Manager (CSTM)" - Applications Called for
23-05-2013 State Portal Content Contribution - Circular.
22-05-2013 Part-Time Certificate Course on "Office Automation" during 2013-14 - Sponsoring of Officials - Circular.     Application
07-12-2012 Training - One day Workshop on Cloud Computing - Circular.
07-12-2012 Training - One year Full-Time Residential programme on "Executive Post-Graduate Programme in e-Governance" - Circular.
29-05-2012 Migration of Departmental Applications / Database to State Data Centre - Leveraging Infrastructure
12-10-2010 Setting up and implementation of State Data Centre - Development of centralized and integrated applications - Leveraging Infrastructure.
09-07-2007 All IT Initiatives/e-Governance activities of all Government Departments should be routed through this Directorate.
02-07-2007 Decision on technology platform for implementing e-Governance projects in this Union Territory.
03-01-2001 Instructions of Finance Department, Puducherry regarding purchase of Computers and accessories, on DGS&D rates.